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Roosevelt Management Company ("RMC") is a New York-based investment management firm. Founded in 2008, RMC focuses on investments in, management of, and servicing of residential whole loans and mortgage servicing rights.

RMC is an SEC registered investment advisor whose founding team of veteran mortgage professionals have extensive experience in valuation, due diligence, management, and servicing of performing, re-performing and non-performing residential mortgage assets. RMC’s investment focus began with the most credit sensitive segments of the residential markets, and has evolved over the last decade into a diversified investment advisor and asset manager across all segments of the US residential markets.

For financial institutions looking for investment partners, RMC is able to provide liquidity through transparent investment processes with the goal of establishing ongoing flow relationships. Our use of proprietary technology and sophisticated modeling, combined with our extensive acquisitions experience has yielded targeted asset performance tailored to the requirements of each client.

Roosevelt Management Company:

  • Extensive credit-based loan level pricing expertise
  • Tailored asset management services
  • Understanding of the importance of home ownership
  • Long-term view of the market